Binary files for Xilinx Zynq 7010 FPGA (TRX-DUO)

As it’s RedPitaya clone it’s compatible with Pavel’s Demin software from project «Red Pitaya notes» except that fact that 122.88Mhz 16Bit version of Red Pitaya based in the Xilinx Zynq 7020 FPGA and the clock of the 7010 version is 125Mhz and ADC is 14bit.

So as I’m using 122.88Mhz clock and ADC’s of the TRX-DUO is 16 bit I recompiled binary codes for Zynq 7010 FPGA which installed in TRX-DUO. (

  1. 16bit version of hpsdr_transceiver for FPGA with 125MHz clock (stock hardware) —
  2. 16bit and 122.88MHz clock of hpsdr_transceiver with 2 receivers —
  3. 16bit and 122.88MHz version of hpsdr_receiver with non «stock» cic and fir filters that slightly worse the original, but with 8receivers with 192KHz bandwidth — and hpsdr server code —