Electronic tools

Just a list of cool tools that I’m using.

Measurement tools:


Diamond SX-100 — up to 3000W 1,6-60MHz

Diamond SX-100 — up to 200W 140-525MHz


HDS2202S — handheld with the signal generator and multimeter 200MHz. Each channel has 1G/S separately. Low memory and uncomfortable to use, but its really good device for mobile work and the quality/precision/jitter of oscilloscope is good for this cost (IMO).

Siglent SDS1202X-E — 200MHz 1G/S with calibration certificate 🙂 Good solid oscilloscope with enough memory for it’s cost.


HDS2202S — 🙂 Very slow, but not so bad and with oscilloscope.

Owon B41T+ — With the same chipset as Unit-T 61E (22000 counts), but with bluetooth interface and logging. Has a poor protections. Good for low voltage electronics work.

Uni-T 61B — My first multimeter with automatic range select and PC connection. Can’t recommend to buy, was just on discount in Minsk.

HP 34401A — Old 6 1/2 benchtop multimeter with 0.0035% base accuracy and VFD display. Precise multimeter, not calibrated for years (I think) but still pretty precise. Can be calibrated in metrology Lab. It’s still good device with RS-232 interface. Allows 4-wire measurement for resistance and able to measure AC up to 2MHz. Has a modern opensource free PC software with data logging and some additional tools.

Miniware DT71 — really shitty device in case of quality. Don’t know how people like it, it measures, but it’s really piece of crappy plastic. Broken. In the trash.

LC(R) meters:

MLC500 — There is nothing outstanding, doesn’t allow to choose frequency, no 4-wire, no resistance measurement. But max frequency around 300kHz.

DER EE DE-5000 — Well known and popular unexpensive but good LCR meter with 4-wire measurements.

Spectrum analysers:

TinySA Ultra — Some time ago I was underestimate this type of devices for RF work. But then I realised that it is a tool that not less important and kind as oscilloscope. You can measure harmonics and power output of any device with it, just buy proper attenuators. Also you can measure EM environment with SA and antenna (e.g. some interference source in house). Now I want something like Siglent SVA1015X But TinySA is okay too, really useful tool, wish it has a better PC software.

HackRF portapack H2 — never tried, but it’s possible (https://github.com/pavsa/hackrf-spectrum-analyzer) Can be useful for somebody.


DeepVNA 101 — Another version of NanoVNA 2. I think it’s better for measuring antennas, but for sure you can setup and tune filters with it (for example), Siglent SVA1015X has VNA as well as SA too 🙂 I had classic NanoVNA before but it was fried by static.

Power Supplies:

Not measurement tools, but I don’t have separate category for it.

Agilent 6612C — precise 30v 2a System PSU. Linear with reeeally low noise. Has a RS-232 connection and modern free opensource software. Cool but noisy transformer and fan.

DPS5015 — popular DC-DC converter with current limiting and voltage setting. Interface is horrible and noise (electrical) not so good. But in low cost line is a good choice. My has an usb and bluetooth connections.

Alientek DP100 — Portable «lab» PSU with type-c input. Post in blog

RD6012PW — 60V 12A Hybrid (pulse first stage and linear second) PSU with low pulsation and ability to charge batteries. Post in blog

Also I have some transformers and kits so I plan to assemble some additional linear 150-200W PSU.

Signal generators:

HDS2202S — 🙂 up to 30MHz 5 volts peak-peak amplitude. Cool portable tool. How to use with oscilloscope at the same time.

FeelTech FY6600 — cheap but nice generator for home use. Can be noisy/jittery for somebody, but acceptable for me. Based on two DAC904. Up to 60MHz, 20v p2p amplitude up to 20MHz.

HackRF portapack H2 — can be used as a signal generator. When I need to check high frequency with SA i have only HackRF to generate signal (more than 60MHz). Not the best quality of signal but 99% enough for me to check VHF/UHF LNA working or not, for example.


DMMCheck plus — Device with multiple references, not cheap. I just leave a link here — https://dmmcheckplus.com/technical-information

AD584KH Voltage source — It has a calibration label on it. Its almost precise — at least 3 digits after point was correct. For me it’s enough for home use. Aliexpress

Soldering devices:

ATTEN ST862D — Typical hot air gun. https://enthru.net/?p=1951

Yarboly 8858 — something 🙂 With low power, floating and almost unknown temperature and 220v in fan socket 🙂 But I was able to solder and desolder some FPGAs and ADCs with it. Plan to add good display and controller for it, for fun.

Miniware TS101 — What I understood is that miniware devices are «cool» maybe but sometimes really poor quality. I had TS100 before, but sometime case just fell apart. I decided to give a chance to TS101 (and I was unable to buy pinecil), let’s see, but looks like it’s not much better. Cool device if consider it as portable, but for lots of soldering at home it’s uncomfortable. I’m always pressing buttons when I don’t want to. Doesn’t have a compatible stand (or hard to find). But in general it’s okay.

XSoldering Prohttps://enthru.net/?p=1937

Also I have some big and not so big soldering irons without temperature control which is good for some antenna and wire soldering 🙂

Other tools:

InfiRay P2 ProReceived