XSoldering pro soldering station.

The station:

You need to pay attention while putting handles in their seats:

The screen:

Interface neither the best nor so bad, just interface. Nothing interesting. Just update firmware when received. How-to is easy to find.


First of all, manufacturer tells that device is designed to be used with original JBC tips. Non original may have (and usually have) some issues. The main issue of the non original c245 tips selling with this station by almost all sellers is that station with them, after reaching temperature more that 300-330 degrees starting not seeing those tips or/and not detects when you put the handle in the station and not disables heater on it. If station «lost» tips totally it can heat it up to 500+ degrees. There are 2 solutions:

  1. Not use it with non original tips.
  2. Alway keep in mind those issues and use with care.
  3. Desolder 2 resistors in the station (the solution by manufacturer on the facebook, can be found in google).

As I have and plan to use it with original tips almost all time, I’m not going to change something for non original ones. But anyway I bought full set with 6 (3 of c245 and 3 of c210) tips.

T101 iron with tips, original JBC, non-original:

Non original named «phonefix»:

Difference between original and non-original:

I think those tips can be used and they’re working, and cheap, and they are not a pity. So maybe I will use them for some hard work like with acid flux. Also c210 tips are not having this issue with high temperature as non-original c245. Both types of non-original show almost true temperature.

Maybe I will create secondary post after some time using the station.

Video (russian language):