Tube amps

Here I want to save some memory about tube amplifiers that I had in the past 🙂 Some time has passed, around 7 years, after i powered up the last time the last of this amps. That post will be long, but I don’t want to split it.

R-140 old USSR military amplifier with GU-43B tube, it was in stock condition. Never used it as amplifier, only as a nightstand :), I sold it first:

Some tubes. GI-7B, GS-35B, GS-31B, GU-43B:

GS-31B/GS-35B amplifier that i bought from some HAM guy in Abakan, Hakasiya. That was the fun trip 🙂 :

Anode tranformer for it:

GI-7B VHF amplifier built by me, never used it in the real communications, we started using DMR and I forgot about it:

I used GS-31B radiator on the GI-7B lamp.

GU-78B was my main amplifier for HF operations. It was around 3kW maximum output:

Tube, looks cool for me:

One of the variable vacuum capacitors:

I was using some simple controls of amp with arduino. Despite some people saying that atmega can’t survive high power interference my one was alive even at the 3kW output. But anyway there weren’t any critical stuff controlled by arduino.

Power supply :

With 1 phase transformer:

3 phase transformer:

Amp with the power supply and R-140: