Usefull stuff:

Very cheap sine wave generatorAD9851 sine wave generator

Wolf TRX — I’m assembling two versions at the same time — 7″ and classic 3.5″ — Search by tag more specific tags — «wolf7» and «wolf3»

SDR Transceiver based on TRX-DUO — Module transceiver with prebuild modules by other guys: and ur3lmz (transverter) — Search by tag

Simple amplifier controller on esp32Search by tag

100W RD100 amplifier from Wolf2 TRXLink

MRFX1K80H 1.2KW amplifierSearch by tag

30W RD16 amp.Search by tag

Unknown status:

ur5ffr RD16 amp. — not using — because it was hard to find good transistors, maybe someday I will try again — Search by tag


mrf9120/mrf9180/mrf180 amps. — it was interesting only for experiments, not for real use — Search by tag

Old stuff for history:

Old SDR transceivers/receivers Link

Still using some simple stuff


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