Homemade SDR Transceivers

Just some old photos 🙂

It uses FPGA firmware based on Openhpsdr project with modifications by EU1SW.

I started with AD9226 dual 12bit SDR receiver and ended with something like this:

It had Cyclone 4 FPGA with Hermes compatible network protocol, DAC904E as DAC and BFG591 as preamp.

And at the same time I was assembling pretty the same but with AD6645 ADC and FPGA in different package:

Also I built different module for ADC:

But as I’m not interested with 12bit ADC and it’s dead I plan to build only 14 bit transceiver or pair of them if BGA package FPGA still alive (i have some doubts).

So much electronic stuff died in my hands 😀 I hope some time I will able to do experiments without destroying anything 🙂