Modifying MRF9180 board to RD100 with separate bias

Experiment failed — to much problems, but I decided to post it here anyway.

MRF9180 is really bad device to experiment, it dies very easy, the gate is limited with maximum of 0.5 volts negative voltage. So with bias for example of 3volts maximum P2P amplitude will be around 7 volts.

So as I have a bit of RD100HHF I decided to use them on the same board, just for fun.

Tearing board apart and checking how it looks:


Adding correct feedline with inductance:

Tearing gates lines to separate them with capacitors:

Adding divider to the second trtansistor:

Adding required resistors and capacitors to the input part:

Also I’ve added capacitor between primary winding on the output transformer and bigger capacitor to the input.