While I was experimenting with i2c devices I killed it.

Because looks like log shows it’s unable to find i2c device itself:

eeprom_rw_block: Cannot find udev for a bus 0

*** Error - default environment is too large

In: serial@e0000000
Out: serial@e0000000
Err: serial@e0000000
board_late_init_xilinx: Saving run time variables FAILED
ZYNQ GEM: e000b000, mdio bus e000b000, phyaddr 1, interface rgmii-id

Warning: ethernet@e000b000 (eth0) using random MAC address - ca:ae:4c:9e:1b:7c
eth0: ethernet@e000b000
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0

And on the i2c bus some important things are located (like EEPROM).

It happens because I was connecting 5v device (Arduino) to the 3.3v bus, i known about that, but I thought that it can’t damage FPGA. Or i short it with something. Anyway looks like I was unable to fix that.

So that board goes to trash can (saved good ADC, DAC and SMA Connectors).

I bought a new one, but now i’m not sure that I want to continue with i2c experiments 😀 Using separate esp32 to send telemetry in browser (and controlling TX signal depend on SWR) will be a waaaaay cheaper 😀