TRX-DUO SDR new case PT.1

Now, everything I need doesn’t fit into the case. So I decided to replace the case.

*Then I regretted it a hundred times more — this is a lot of mentally hard and boring work 🙂

As there is no good cases In Batumi and delivery is expensive I decided to buy some small computer case (smallest that I’ve found).

Dense layout previous case:

Useless PSU with the case:

Will use case of the PSU as patches to the main case 🙂

As there is no good floor for this stuff, I decided to saw old case to use as mount pieces for all parts:

A bit painting, primer:


Looks nice, but doesn’t hold up well, as always 🙂 — always unable to paint metal good:

Coolers mount:

Grinder on low RPMs is doing magic 🙂

1st row mounted:

1,5 rows mounted (1 + LPF) 🙂

Assembled and working: