Amp. controller changes

Added change color of the top banner to the red when PTT is active:

Added button to disable protection

Added actual value of the parameter which triggered alarm to the alarm type card and red color of the card while alarm active (also if value contains «F!» that means that alarm is not triggered and this is the value that triggered false-positive — read below):

Added more menu settings (yeah, page looks horrible):

Header moved to constant to avoid code duplication, thanks Inga YL3IM for finding

Most important change — alarm triggering:

To avoid EM interference and some possible issues with measuring (for me it happens pretty often, especially with high SWR or in SSB mod. — lower amplitude — lower coeff that triggers protection) each time protection triggering it’s not disabling power immediately it does measure 3 times and if all 3 times guard triggers — it switches to the alarm state and disables power. But if protection triggers once or two times but no more, when some time passed counter resets. And «Alarm reset time» is the time between counter resets.

Now it’s using WI-FI manager to connect to wi-fi. It connects to the saved network or if unable acts as hotspot to enter wi-fi parameters — it’s awesome:


Change PWM depending on the temperature

Add ability to reset to the default settings

To work on the look 🙂