MRF9180 HF amplifier.

It’s based on mr9120 aliexpress kit. As it’s for experiments, i bought that mrf9180 used on aliexpress too:

Input transformer 1×3, output 1×2. Idle current 800mA. 24v input voltage.

Input sine 5v:

On the gates i see only 800mV sum (400 per gate) peak to peak voltage and a bit lower with 50oHm load resistor after input transformer. I want to experiment a bit with that, but i need VNA. My 4 years old NanoVNA is broken and i’m waiting for the new one but version 2.

Getting around 2watt output with 50mW input. Not sure about clear sine or not, because i’m using cheap Hantek 6022BE to monitor output, because i have only Owon oscilloscope as signal generator at this moment.

And sometimes it gets self-excitation, I can’t understand why and how to repeat it. RC feedback helps, but resistors are getting really hot.

I need more space 🙂