Amplifiers hottest parts measurements

RD16 measured with 20W output, both RD100 amps with 100W output after LPF, around 5 minutes continuous output without fan cooling. Main goal is not to measure exact temperature but just take a look which parts are hottest.

RD16 AMP.:

Hottest part is the resistors from output of the final transformer to the ground. No onboard LPF (schematics implies 30MHz LPF on the amp. board) after those resistors.

RD100 AMP. without feedback on the final stage + LPF:

Hottest part is the capacitors in the output transformer. Feedback circuit was removed some time ago.

50OHm load:

60dbm rd100 AMP. + LPF (main transceiver):

Hottest part is the feedback circuit, resistors: